Security Zen


Options let you fine tune Security Zen to work best for you.  Options will automatically be saved upon closing the window.

Connect Options

"Security Protocol" may be set to use TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2.

Retrieve Options

"Max Number of Polls" is the maximum number of times that the server will be contacted to determine retrieve status.

"Poll Time (seconds)" is the amount of time to wait between Polls during a retrieve.

Note: For larger data sets, the above numbers may need to be increased.

"Load System Permissions" determines whether System Permissions should be added to the workspace when a retrieve is performed.  Available Options:

  • Prompt: User is prompted each time to either load System Permissions or not.
  • Always: System Permissions are always loaded without prompting the user.
  • Never: System Permissions are never loaded and user is not prompted.

Display Options

"Color Scheme" determines the colors assigned to cells based on permissions.  Available Options:

  • Red Yellow Green (stop light color scheme):
    • Red = no access
    • Yellow = some access
    • Green = full access
  • Red Yellow Blue (high contrast color scheme):
    • Red = no access
    • Yellow = some access
    • Blue = full access

"Font Size" determines the font size within the workspace.  Valid values are from 1 to 96, but more realistic values are usually between 6 and 12.  Default is 8.

Note that large font sizes may cause the column headers to take up the entire height of the screen which makes the scroll bars disappear.  Don't panic!  To correct this, either use a smaller font size or go to the bottom of the headers and resize the height of the headers to be smaller.

"Column Width" determines the column width in Pixels.  Default value is 70.  Specifying a Column Width of 0 enables Automatic Column Width based on the cell contents, however, this feature significantly slows down retrieval times on large grids.  Do not set to 0 for large grids.  Note that changing Column Width does immediately impact the current workspace.

"Sort Rows Upon Retrieve" will cause the rows to be sorted upon retrieval, however, this feature significantly slows down retrieval times on large grids.  Recommend unchecking this box for large grids.

"Active Users Only" determines whether all users, or just active users, are included in user queries.  This affects the following features:

  • Number of users displayed in column headers for profiles and permission sets
  • "List Users" displayed for profiles and permission sets when right clicking on column headers
  • Selection of profiles and permission sets by user in Configure->Select->Security Files->Select By User
  • Showing columns by user in Workspace Actions->Show Columns->By User

Changes in Display Options are applied during the next retrieve operation except as follows:

  • "Column Width" is applied immediately
  • "Active Users Only" affects the number of users per security file which is displayed in the workspace column headers.  The numbers displayed in the column headers are populated at the time of connection.  If you modify the "Active Users Only" flag, you will need to re-establish the connection in order to update the numbers displayed in the column headers.
  • "Active Users Only" affects the following features at the time these features are used:
    • Column Header (right click)->List Users
    • Configure->Select->Security Files->Select By User
    • Workspace Actions->Show Columns->By User

Deploy Options

During a deploy, Security Files are deployed in batches.  Batch size represents the number of security files deployed at one time.  Valid values for batch size are from 1 to 10.

Larger batch sizes will generally deploy slightly quicker, but there could be timeout issues with large batch sizes if you are deploying a large number of entities.

Smaller batch sizes will generally deploy slightly slower, but you are less likely to run into timeout issues.