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Version 2.9 Now Available

Version 2.9 includes the ability to:

  • Convert a Profile to a New Permission Set in Workspace Actions Context Menu
  • Merge multiple Permission Sets to a new Permission Set in Workspace Actions Context Menu
  • New deployment method makes large deployments faster in Options->Deploy Options

Perpetual Licenses Now Available

Security Zen perpetual licenses are now available.

Security Zen

What is Security Zen?

Security Zen is a free desktop application that enables you to compare and manage Salesforce security (Profiles and Permission Sets) of the following entities in an easy to use grid view:

  • Objects
  • Fields
  • Record Types
  • Tabs
  • Classes
  • Pages
  • System Settings


Download and try it for free to know the power of Security Zen:

  • Analyze, compare and contrast security settings within environments or between environments.
  • Analyze Profiles, Permission Sets or security settings by User.
  • Intuitive color coding makes discrepancies easy to spot.
  • Edit individual entries, or copy and paste entire rows or columns to make editing security settings fast and easy.
  • Tool tips and error checking to ensure valid settings.
  • Deploy security settings from one environment to another to save time and eliminate mistakes.
  • Convert Profiles to Permission Sets
  • Merge Permission Sets

Security Zen Master

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Salesforce AppExchange Reviews


Sweet app and prompt support. Time & Energy saver!

"Lots of useful features packed into this app... I was up and running with it in just a few minutes..."

Great App and AMAZING Support

"This is an excellent tool that cuts down time spent working on comparing profiles and permission sets by hours! When I had questions, tech support was very responsive. Cannot say enough positive things about this app. Highly recommend!"

Great Tool

"Simple and effective tool for those who have to analyze security settings...   Just the tool I needed!"

Check out all our reviews (and add your own) on Salesforce AppExchange.  Note that Security Zen is a desktop application which can be downloaded from our download page and is not installed from Salesforce AppExchange.