FAQ: Installation Warning

How come it says "Windows protected your PC" when I install?

FAQ: Licensing

How does Security Zen licensing work?

What if I forget to provide the UID at the time of purchase?

For term licenses, how do I know when my term is up?

How come I don't get my license instantly at the time of purchase?

Can I purchase a license with an internationally issued credit card?

UID's are associated with a particular computer. Can I replace my license if my computer dies?

FAQ: Large Data Sets

Why can't I retrieve all security at once? And what can I do about it?

What's the best way to deploy a large data set?


Why aren't standard fields listed under Objects when selecting entities to retrieve?

FAQ: Retrieving System Permissions

Why don't I see all System Permissions?

FAQ: Inserting Profiles

I inserted a Profile. How come it has more permissions than I specified?

FAQ: Versions

How come I don't see a feature in the software that is described in the documentation?

Will updating Security Zen versions impact licensing or my customization's?

FAQ: Enhancements

What if I have other questions or an idea to make Security Zen better?