Use this to create a new Connection to an Environment.  The connection will be maintained until it is disconnected or a connection to a different environment is established.  The nickname of the current connection is displayed in the top right corner of the workspace.  



Select whether this is a Production Environment, Sandbox Environment, or Environment with a Custom Domain name.

  • Production uses:
  • Sandbox uses:
  • Custom uses the URL you specify which is  often in the format:

You will only be prompted to enter a URL when "Custom" Environment is selected.


Enter your Salesforce Username.


Enter your Salesforce Password.  Depending on the location you are connecting from, you may need to provide your Password and Token.


Providing a Nickname helps identify where security files are retrieved from.  Also, if you want to save this login information, the nickname is required.


You may optionally select a color to be associated with this connection.  Within the workspace, column headers will be displayed with the selected color.  This is particularly useful when comparing security settings from different connections.


Selecting the Save checkbox will save the connection information for easy access later on.

WARNING: Usernames and passwords will be stored unencrypted on your machine.  Do NOT save a connection if using Security Zen on a shared computer or if there is a risk that this information could be accessed.



Select the Connect button to establish a connection.  This will populate the available selections within Configure for this particular environment.


If you have saved connections, they will show as submenus under Saved in order to provide easy access to these connections.  Selecting a Saved connection prompts with the connection window where you can connect or modify parameters.


This will disconnect if a connection is currently established.