FAQ: Installation Warning

How come it says "Windows protected your PC" when I install?

Windows 10 has a security feature that warns you when installing software that is unrecognized by Microsoft.  We prefer to spend our time developing software instead of paying homage to Microsoft, so you will need to do the following when installing:

  • Select the "More info" link
  • Select "Run anyway"

We apologize for the inconvenience.

FAQ: Licensing

How does Security Zen licensing work?

Security Zen licenses are issued as node locked licenses.  This means the license works for one specific machine.  Each machine is identified by a unique identifier (UID) that is accessible by the Help->License menu within Security Zen.  The software for the free and paid versions are identical and available from our Download page, but the license unlocks additional features.  Provide the UID at the time of purchase for fastest license processing.

Term licenses work for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Perpetual licenses do not expire.

What if I forget to provide the UID at the time of purchase?

Don't worry!  Just email us the UID and we will send you the license.  Please send requests using the email address used while purchasing the license.

For term licenses, how do I know when my term is up?

Select Help->License from within Security Zen and you will see how many days remain in the current term.   

How come I don't get my license instantly at the time of purchase?

We process licenses as quickly as we can, however, issuing Security Zen licenses is not yet fully automated.  We operate in the United States Pacific time zone.  Licenses purchased during normal business hours for the United States Pacific time zone are usually processed within an hour from the time of purchase.  Licenses purchased during non-business hours are also processed as quickly as possible but may be issued the next business day.   

Can I purchase a license with an internationally issued credit card?

Square  can process internationally issued cards bearing a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Union Pay, or Discover logo.  For international cards you can enter a mixture of  numbers and letters for the zip code. If this doesn't work you can try  entering five 0's, sometimes international cards will accept this.  You will also need to make sure that the CVV code and  expiration date are entered correctly as well. Otherwise the card will  decline.

Cardholders may be charged for currency conversion by their card issuer since payments must be processed in U.S. dollars.

FAQ: Large Data Sets

Why can't I retrieve all security at once? And what can I do about it?

One of the challenges with Salesforce security is the sheer volume of data.  Security is the intersection of Profiles or Permission Sets and the entities (Objects, Fields, etc) that they are managing.  Adding one more Profile to a retrieve operation means retrieving security settings for each entity selected.  If an Object has 50 fields, that means 51 additional security settings must be retrieved per security file added.  Adding security files and entities can quickly explode the volume of data to retrieve.  For small environments, you may be able to retrieve all your security, but most real world implementations quickly become too large to retrieve everything.  So, what can be done?  

1. Adjust retrieve options:

If you are getting "Request timed out" messages during retrieve operations, the first thing to check are the retrieve options.  When a retrieve operation is performed, Security Zen will periodically poll Salesforce to determine the status of the retrieve operation.

The "Max Number of Polls" is the maximum number of times Security Zen will poll Salesforce before giving up.  For large data sets where you expect it to take a long time, you can increase this number.

The "Poll Time (seconds)" is the time to wait between Polls.  A larger Poll Time means Security Zen will update the  status of the retrieve operation less frequently, but also increases the total amount of time that is available to perform the retrieve operation.

For example, Max Number of Polls = 50 and Poll Time = 2 means that status of the retrieve operation is reported once every 2 seconds and will give up after 100 seconds (i.e. 50x2), which is less than 2 minutes.

Max Number of Polls = 500 and Poll Time = 10 means that status of the retrieve operation is reported once every 10 seconds and will give up after 5000 seconds (500x10), which is about 83 minutes.

2. Adjust Display Options:

If you appear to be getting stuck on the "Building Grid" step of the retrieval process, the dynamic column width feature may be the cause.  Up to Version 1.8 of Security Zen, Column Width was determined based on the cell contents.  Starting with Version 1.9, there is an Option for specifying Column Width.  Setting Column Width to 0 turns on the automatic Column Width sizing based on the cell contents, however, this is not recommended for large grids.

If you appear to be getting stuck on the "Sorting Grid" step of the retrieval process, you can turn the feature off during the retrieval process.  Go to the Option "Sort Rows Upon Retrieve" and uncheck this feature prior to retrieving data.

3. Retrieve security incrementally:

If there is already data in the Security Zen workspace when you do a retrieve operation, you will be prompted to "Clear workspace?".  If you answer No, then the workspace will not be cleared and the retrieved data will be added to the existing workspace.  This allows you to retrieve data incrementally and build up the workspace.  

4. Start with small retrieves and slowly increase it:

If you are still having problems, try starting small.  Select one Profile and a few fields (not the entire object) to get an idea of how long it takes to perform a small retrieve.  Try adding one more Profile and/or a couple more fields to see how this changes the retrieval times.

Remember, selecting an object includes all the fields and record types of that object, so be cautious in adding too many objects.  Try adjusting the retrieve options as you increase the number of security files and entities to understand the impact of the retrieve options on performance.  


Why aren't standard fields listed under Objects when selecting entities to retrieve?

Due to performance limitations, standard fields are not listed under the objects.  This is done intentionally in order to provide the best user experience for the most common use case of setting security for custom fields.  Retrieving the list of standard fields for each object during the connection process would slow down the connection process significantly.

If you want to analyze or deploy security of standard fields, retrieve the object.  Retrieving the object will retrieve the following related to that object:

  • All standard fields of that object
  • All custom fields of that object
  • All record types of that object
  • Object level security

FAQ: Retrieving System Permissions

Why don't I see all System Permissions?

Only System Permissions that are true for at least one of the retrieved Profiles or Permission Sets are retrieved.  If you want to retrieve all System Permissions, you should retrieve an Admin Profile that contains all System Permissions.

FAQ: Versions

How come I don't see a feature in the software that is described in the documentation?

Documentation reflects the most current version of Security Zen.  If you see documentation of a feature that you don't see in your software, verify that you are using the most recent version of Security Zen by selecting Help->About.  This will show you the version of Security Zen installed.  You can see what is the latest version of Security Zen on our Download page or on the Release History page.   

Will updating Security Zen versions impact licensing or my customization's?

No!  Your license information, saved connections and options are stored separately from the software.  Updating the version of Security Zen will not affect your license, your saved connections or the options you have specified within Security Zen.   

FAQ: Enhancements

What if I have other questions or an idea to make Security Zen better?

We love hearing from our users - both Free users and Security Zen Masters!  Contact us and let us know how we can continue to improve Security Zen.   

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